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Gift Plan/Donation Plan: Always an attractive option for members

Gift Plan is also termed as Donation Plan or Money Order Plan in Network Marketing Industry / MLM. This plan is actually not a Multi Level Marketing Plan. Its Basic concept is to send gift to one Member and Receive gift from multiple Members. So member will be benefited with multiple receipt of gift from many members. Members will deposit money or gift directly to another Member as per the name highlighted by the system. Company / Admin will take some charge to run this operation for administrative expensive. Company can distribute some amount from the activation / registration charges. This Plan can be of multiple levels. Such kind of Plan is not legal as per Indian law. This will be treated as Money laundering as per government. However, some foreign governments allow such kind of plans. So right now, such plans are on booming side in some of the countries. Many net workers from India also get involved in such gift plan of foreign countries and earning well.

There are millions of people who are taking advantage of MLM strategy. This plan also known as donation plan or mlm donation plan. In this concept a person get advantage by making donation to others. This is a give and take concept. First you have to give or donate only then you will take gift or donation from others. So this concept is wonderful due to its attraction. If you will gift 1 then you will receive multiple of you gifted.

MLM Gift Plan Software Solution
This software works like a gift manager who know about each steps of this plan. There is no need to remember complex conditions of gift sending process. It will track all things by own.

Features of Gift Plan Software
  • Gift Planning Master
  • Gift Master
  • Send Gift Master
  • Received Gift Master
  • Received Gift Details
  • Sent Gift Details
  • Due Gift Details

* Software can load up to 50 logins per second.

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