Virtual MLM : Client List
We are into MLM software since last 15 years and have served clients from small scale to corporates globally.

Here is the list of few MLM Clients.


Successincglobalusa Reserve Pool.
Combohealthyliving Binary Plan + Direct Income + Royalty + Rank Income + Awads & Rewards.
Dreamsolution    Binary Plan + Single Leg Plan (Auto Pool).
Mybijankur Helping plan + Sub-franchise.
Paisaboltahai Binary Plan + Royalty Income + Awads & Rewards.
Sonigold ROI + Level Income + Awads & Rewards.
Hapusgroup Generation Plan
Igbdservices Binary Plan + Generation Plan + Royalty plan + Rank + Franchise + Awads & Rewards + Wallet.
Extrakamai Generation Plan.
Zenlife Binary Plan + Rank + Repurchase.
Niggardshop Binary Plan
Dum10ka    Helping plan.
Marslife Binary Plan + Rank + Franchise + Awads & Rewards + Roi.
Ethicalmarketingwinwin Generation Plan with level income.
Dum10ka Helping plan
Genie4you Binary Plan + Direct referrral + Franchise + Awads & Rewards + Leader + Counsellor
myssipl Binary Plan + Generation Plan + Repurchase Income + Royalty Income + Awads & Rewards + Franchise Income + E-Wallet
Samyak    Binary Plan & Pair Deduction
Sevenstar Binary Plan
Mahalaxmi Binary Plan
Supurva Network    Binary Plan & Pair Deduction
P3 Trading    Multiple Plan (Binary)
Angel Releif Helping & Level
Altraz Capital    Bitcoin Level Income + ROI Plan.
Operose Trade    Board Plan
O3infra Generation Plan & Level wise commission
Saishrishti Generation Plan & Level
Bitpool    Board Plan
Richworld500 Helping Plan
BGPM Infotech    Rank Commission + Royalty Commission Plan.
O3 Shopping Binary Income + Direct Income + Referral Income + Royalty + Award & Reward + ROI
Success Bits    Bitcoin + Level Income + Direct Income
The Shaktiwell Ayurvedic    Binary plan
Jai Jwan Jai Kisan Foundation    Level wise Plan
BTC Express Board Plan + Level Commision
Thrive Int    Biggest Bitcoin Company in South Africa + Shopping cart
Score Book Level Commision
Bitcoin Life Binary + Direct Income
Mahakaali Group    India's No.1 RD FD company
Aarambh Group RD FD Plan
ABC Parivar Binary Plan + Direct Income + Repurchase
Astral Worldwide Binary + Single Leg Income
Click-N-Pick Stair Step Plan + Shopping Cart
Click-N-Pick2 Binary Plan
Dimond Click Single Leg Plan + Level Wise
Dimond2 Click Bitcoin + Single Leg Plan + Level Wise
Innovative Lifescience Binary Plan + Generation
Just Degree Generation Plan
Khushi Bazaar Binary + Spill + Royalty + Award & reward
Kush Gram Binary Plan
Life Care Binary Plan + Direct Income + Repurchase
Olviner Generation Plan
Pritimala Generation Plan
Sai Shrishti Binary Plan
Sandesha Sales Generation + Repurchase + Rank
Ceyone Multitraders Ltd RD & FD
The Fifth Element Rank wise commision
Dreamz 2 Life Binary Plan + Pair Deduction
My Avon Binary Plan + Pair Deduction
Other Corporate Clients for whom we have developed customize MLM software.
Emami India (One of the biggest cosmetic company in India Stairstep Breakaway Plan)
Wonder Chef (Sanjeev Kapoor - Khana Khazana, (Stairstep Breakaway Plan)
Piaggio India Pvt. Ltd. (Italian Automobile company selling trucks in India by Level / Generation Plan)
IFB Industries Ltd. (India's biggest front load washing machine manufacturer is having Binary plan)
MLM Software Contact - : +919892413501, whats-app-number +91-9967648641 whats-app-number +91-9967648641