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RD & FD Plan: Always an attractive option for members

RD FD means "Recurring Deposit & Fixed Deposit". RD FD software is banking software, it include saving account software, loan account software. A client can have an account with the company & deposit the money in the shape of fixed deposits or we can say the amount can be paid in a single installment to grow with the company while in recurring deposits the same amount can be paid in multiple but equal installments.RD FD software has modules for an agent management system, branch management system, User management system.
RD FD software provides the facility for an agent and agreement registration and agreement maturity calculation and other commission calculation and other claim calculation. RD/FD also refers regular deposit and fixed deposit.
There could be some different plans for different tenures & different amount and obviously with different rate of Interest. On maturity the perspective amount would be paid to that client.

Software Features for RD & FD Plan:

  • Manage Form.
    1. Agent Form.
    2. Policy Form.
    3. Surrender / Maturity Form.
    4. Receipt Form.
    5. Pension Form.
    6. Cheque Management.
    7. Life Insurance.
      1. Policy Form
      2. Form Updation
      3. Premium Form
    8. General Insurance
      1. Accidental Insurance Form
      2. Mediclaim Insurance Form
      3. Vehicle Insurance Proposal Form
    9. Socieity
      1. Society Member Master
      2. Society Application
      3. Society Premium
  • Manage Member.
    1. Tree Shifting.
    2. Rank Promotion.
  • Message
    1. Send SMS.
    2. Message From Member.
    3. Message To Member.
  • Manage Member Fund
    1. Transfer Fund To Member
    2. Remove Fund From Member
  • News
  • Payment
  • Voucher Payment
  • Monthly Commission and Deduction.
  • Direct Agent Joining.

Reports required for RD & FD Plan:

  • Direct Agent Joining.
  • Agent Joining Report.
  • All Agent Promotion.
  • New Commission Report
  • All Agent CMD.
  • Planwise Report.
  • Upto Collection Report.
  • Field Force Summary.
  • Upto Collection Agent Report.
  • Agent Policy Report.
  • Transaction History.
  • Policy Detail Report.
  • Pending Policy Report.
  • Pending Receipt.
  • Tree.
  • Downline Business Detail.
  • Downline Reports.
    1. Member DownLine Details.
    2. Member Downline Summary.
  • Achievers Reports.
    1. Commission Summary.
    2. Commission Achievers.
    3. Performance Bonus Achievers.
    4. Incentive Bonus Achievers.
    5. MFA Achievers.
    6. MFI Achievers.
  • Policy Reports.
    1. Partnership Details.
    2. Option Details.
    3. Policy Holder Details.
    4. Policy Receipt Details.
    5. Monthly Collection Summary.
    6. Monthly Collection Details
    7. Group Collection Summary.
  • Commission Voucher.
  • Payment Report.
  • TDS Report.
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