MLM Software Development Company

Being specialists in MLM software development, We at virtualmlm strive to produce the most advanced and power packed MLM software's complete with the latest and most advanced MLM features. We make the most robust Networking Marketing Software. Whatever be your need we can fulfill it. Check the NEW Money Order MLM Plan.

Bitcoin MLM Software   

MlM software is based on bitcoin functions. In this member can pay and receive in bitcoin currency. There are different types of plan in MLM software such as Helping plan, level income Plan, Board Plan, Binary Plan, Generation Plan.


Board Plan

Board Plan is also known as Revolving Matrix Plan with Level Income is one of the most popular plan in aboard, now also popular with Indians.


MLM Mobile Application   

If you are looking for a Mobile App development company which develop Mobile Applications for MLM Business Management so Virtual Splat provide MLM Mobile Apps through which you and your MLM business users can manage their MLM business.


Money Order Plan

Money Order Plan is the fastest growing and the latest plan in MLM industry. Multi Level Networking market has come up with latest MLM Money Order Plan. We are the FIRST software developing company in INDIA to implement this Money Order MLM software.


Binary Plan

One of the fastest growing MLM plan. Our Binary software is extremely popular and we have a till now a clientele of over 100+ satisfied customers for our Binary software.


Generation Plan

Generation plan is adapted by the companies who want distributed commission in a simple way. This plan has a fix Percent of commission distribution.


Growth Plan

Commission distribution in an growth plan is as per the growth of the company. In this plan the company works for the members.


Australian Binary

An enhance version of Binary plan is an Australian Binary. After finishing A and B, A member can start N number of C from which he can get unlimited commission.


Investment Binary Plan

MLM is short for Multi-Level Marketing, a hierarchical marketing system in which the goal of sales persons is not only to buy and sell the product in question


Survey Plan

Survey Plan helps the company to get direct answers from the end users. This plan will be useful for communicating with direct users and get precise review. The survey plan software provides features to join users and give answers to surveys.


RD & FD Plan

RD / FD means - Recurring Deposit, Fixed Deposit. RD / FD software is banking a software, it include saving account software, loan account software.


Multiple Binary Plan

Join company with Pearl Plan (It is Joining Product) Binary ___ per pair
Once you complete __ pair of Pearls Id will get upgrade to Silver Plan Binary will now Double (___ per pair)


Bid Plan

You can participate in any of the Live Auctions.You can take part in auctions even when you are busy by making good use of our very helpful auto-bidder. You can always alter your instructions to him to suit any situations.


Gift Plan / Donation Plan

Gift Plan is also termed as Donation Plan or Money Order Plan in Network Marketing Industry / MLM. This plan is actually not a Multi Level Marketing Plan. Its Basic concept is to send gift to one Member and Receive gift from multiple Members.


Manual Award &
Reward Plan

Join company with Amount (It is not Joining Product).
Awards & Rewards are distributed according to the Extreme Left and Extreme Right pair.


Follow Me Matrix

The fastest growing MLM plan, Follow me Plan promises high returns with minimal efforts. Virtual mlm has successfully installed the Follow Me MLM software in over 15 + countries and territories.

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